Interoperability White Paper

Overcoming Challenges to Interoperability

Are you striving to harness the potential of electronic health records (EHRs) for your organization? Whether you are an IT vendor or a healthcare provider, creating and finding secure, effective tools for sharing the most meaningful patient data across multiple systems and platforms can be challenging.

With our expertise in application integration, custom interface development and data migration, emids can help you tackle challenges to interoperability of patient information and build a more integrated EHR system that provides access to the right data at the right time.

Results Achieved
Some of the technologies built by emids to improve EHR interoperability and integration for clients include:  

  • A joint interface engine for cloud and client server-based EHR applications to improve communication between external lab information systems.
  • A software tool designed to meet EHR meaningful use criteria and allow sharing of clinical data across the care continuum to track the medical histories of patients.
  • Middleware enabling the secure exchange of clinical data across disparate applications and systems to improve interpretation of medical tests.

Want to learn more? 
Download our Overcoming Challenges to Interoperability whitepaper for more on the obstacles of interpreting and sharing healthcare data across technology platforms and our strategies for helping your organization tackle these barriers to the free flow of patient information.