Interoperability Case Study

Top Healthcare Software Developer Creates Interoperable Portal to Help Physicians Make Timely, Informed Decisions for Patient Care

emids helps leading developer of healthcare engagement tools for providers integrate clinical data from disparate systems into a comprehensive patient record

The client, a leading developer of healthcare consumer engagement platforms for providers, developed a web-based clinical portal to help physicians access patient information stored across various health information systems, but multiple integration points and multiple electronic health record (EHR) vendors across these systems hampered the flow of data, causing inconsistencies, errors and gaps in patient records. The client needed to integrate records in the portal with clinical and patient data from more than 30 HIS systems to provide physicians with a comprehensive, real-time and accurate view of their patient’s health records.

emids brought its broad clinical and technical expertise to these integration challenges, building connectivity adapters to aggregate, normalize and harmonize data flowing between each HIS system and the portal, along with interface engines to provide a secure, meaningful exchange. Our interoperability solutions helped the client minimize inconsistencies in patient records and provide physicians with an interoperable portal capable of producing the insights they needed to deliver timely, effective care for patients. Download our case study for more.