Context-Driven Testing White Paper

Context-Driven Testing

If rolling out an adaptable software tool or product that anticipates and meets customer needs is a goal for your organization, you can find the tools to achieve this through emids’ context-driven testing expertise.

emids can help you eliminate user issues before they arise with services that go above and beyond what traditional quality assurance testing can provide. Our context-driven testing services tackles challenges users experience when using the technology and provide insights for improving the product so it works best from the customer’s perspective.

With emids, you can develop a clear plan for successfully optimizing software before its release and give users confidence in the technology tools you roll out as soon as they hit the market.

Results Achieved

Context-driven testing on a module in a client-facing application for a leading U.S. health insurance provider:

  • Identified two defects and five areas where the module could be enhanced over and above thorough functional, regression and User Accepted Testing (UAT).
  • Created four user stories from findings observed during interviews with users.
  • Reduced defect leakage to less than zero.
  • Improved customer satisfaction and boosted user confidence in the module.

Want to Learn More? Download our Context-Driven Testing white paper for more on this software testing approach, how it works and its potential for enhancing your technology products.