Data Governance White Paper

Do Your Metrics Tell the Whole Story?

Making decisions in business is hard, and even harder when you don't have all the information available. Often, decision makers only get half the story in the reports their team members provide them. The "half story" generally isn't intentional, but likely the consequence of poor data governance. A single piece of incorrect or omitted data can lead to a bad decision or even worse, a critical mistake.

The large and varied amounts of data being generated today in the healthcare industry are creating a huge need for data management and analysis. With pressures to reduce costs and improve patient care, this data is critical in decision-making. It’s time to move beyond basic data storage and take it to the next level through quality management, data integration and visualization. Making data meaningful requires coordination across the entire organization through proper data governance.

Whether you are trying to gain buy-in for data governance implementation within your organization, or just trying to figure out where to start, emids wants to help. We have put together our thoughts on data governance to share best practices, frameworks and strategies for proper data governance implementation. Take a look and let us know what you think.