Client Engagement Case Study

Leading Long-Term Care Provider Develops Award-Winning Software Applications to Advance Their Mission

emids helps top 5 long-term care provider build a successful product engineering strategy for rolling out resident-centered technologies that meet industry, compliance and time to market benchmarks

The client, a leading long-term care provider operating more than than 200 skilled nursing homes, assisted living facilities, Alzheimer’s centers and retirement communities nationwide, realized the third-party software bundle they were using to manage clinical care no longer aligned with their processes for caring for residents or had the scalability to support the patent volume across their network. The provider decided to develop their own proprietary software applications tailored to the way they delivered care, but lacked the talent and product engineering expertise to accomplish this themselves.

In emids, the company found a dedicated development partner that has helped them overcome these barriers and deliver an integrated suite of software applications that meet industry standards and support their clinical, rehab and therapy systems. The nearly decades-long partnership has been a successful healthcare IT journey every step of the way, allowing the provider to achieve their vision of developing resident-centered technologies, which have gained outside recognition for their excellence. Download our case study for more.