Risk-Based Testing White Paper

Optimizing Your Software Releases with Risk-Based Testing

Organizations are under more pressure than ever to deliver defect-free software on a faster, more frequent basis. To achieve this, many are tempted to test everything. Yet spending more time, money and effort on testing does not always guarantee fewer product defects.

If you want to develop a more efficient, cost-effective testing strategy that will get you closer to achieving this goal, explore our risk-based testing services. We can help you find the most critical defects in your software early and at the lowest cost through services that prioritize testing based on the biggest risks to your business and customers. Our risk-based testing expertise can help you determine what to test when and when testing is sufficient, so you can improve efficiency, cut costs and deliver the results you want.

Results Achieved

Risk-based testing on more than 50 software projects:

  • Reduced testing costs by 50–70 percent
  • Improved testing relevance and quality
  • Minimized defects in application releases
  • Increased customer satisfaction

Want to learn more? 
Download our Optimizing Software Releases With Risk-based Testing white paper for more on this testing strategy, and how our risk-based testing services can help your organization save time and money and deliver higher quality products.